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a major magazine. (laughter) >> plus my guest theoretical physicist sean carroll has a new book that i theoretically read. (laughter) nasa claims they found ice on mercury. well, i'll believe that when the closest planet to the sun freezes over. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to the report! thank you for joining us! choo, choo, choo! hello! (cheers and applause) stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. you are the greatest! thank you very much. i got to tell you, when i get that kind of 4r06 from you folks i just want to go up into the stands and cradle you in my arms like a baby. (cheers and applause) folks you know me, you know my broadcasting ca roar has been dedicated to celebrating american exceptionalism. that special je ne sai quoi that americans have that keep us from knowing things like what je ne sais quoi means, i don't know. but for some time now americans have been in decline. and i have been
to work their way into carroll county and frederick county. we are dry looking at some snow towards the west. that will continue as we go throughout the day. we will be cold once again this morning. make sure you have that coat. we can see emmittsburg coming in at 42 degrees, 44 at perry hall and glen burnie. check out that hour by hour forecast for you as you plan. we're waking up around 6:00 this morning, that temperature at 44 degrees. we will be under mostly cloudy skies. that will continue throughout day. i'm not going to rule out a few peaks of sunshine. as we go into 9:00, 46 degrees not warming up a whole lot, and by lunchtime, 52 and once again we will be breezy. be prepared for that as well. let's get a check of the abc2 time saver traffic. >>> definitely a chilly halloween. it looks like those cold temperatures will continue. if you are traveling into the city, no problems to report on the jfx. it will be nice and clear from 695 to east fayette street. everything up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. and you are using the beltway nothin
speedo, but his real name was mr. earl, earl "speedo" carroll has died. he was the lead singer of the cadillacs. as "the new york times" obituary put it, they were one of a cornucopia of street corner tight harmony groups formed by young black men in mid century harlem. put another way, they just made great music. songs like gloria and speedo. even though he was a famous singer, earl carroll took a job as a custodian at a new york city school. for close to 20 years, the kids at ps-87 knew him as the star of their school. earl carroll was 75. >>> men who are close to their in-laws are less likely to get divorced. this may seem like a common sense rule of the road to a lot of men, now it's science. this came out as actual research. men who remain close and get along with their wives' parents have a 20% lower divorce rate. strangely enough it's the opposite for women. when they're close to their in-laws the divorce rate goes up. the researchers say again, this is researchers saying this, that because many women interpret closeness with the in-laws as meddling by the in-laws. >>> o
, with the cold temperatures, dealing with freeze warnings until 8:00. we can see as we lack over in to carroll county, we are dealing this around frederick county, baltimore county, carroll county, frederick, and also in howard county. as you head out the door, be prepared for the cold temperatures, we are going to be dealing with dry weather for today. change will be coming across the area. be prepared for that. no need for the umbrella today. as you head out the door, make sure you have your big coat on, not a light jacket. we can see the temperatures across the board, 48 degrees by lunchtime. a cold breezy day. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> bundle up. as you are heading downtown, nothing to get in your way, nice and clear from the beltway, downtown to east fayette. everything is up to speed through the fort mc henry as well as the harbor tunnel. looking at the beltway here on the west side at liberty road, no delays down to 95, if you are traveling the inner loop through pikesville. this is harford road, no problems getting up towards towson this morning. that's
, carroll ross. talk about insider trading in general. people wonder, depends on the prosecutor, what inside trading is. do you know, can you define clearly for me who insider trading is? >> sure, dave, i'll go ahead. it's anything where there is a trade on material non-public information so information that the general public wouldn't have access to. david: let me stop you right there then. if that's so, what about a warren buffet say? %-money for the economy, but ges a private meeting with tim geithner in the height of the financial crisis and tim tells him stuff about goldman sachs. he makes a $2 billion profit. could that not be considered, from your definition, to be insider trading? >> i think that's the crux of the issue. it's very difficult to decide what's proprietary research and non-public information. i'm not sure that insider trading and having the information is a bad thing. if you think about the crux of the market, what is it that makes a market efficient? it's getting information into the market as quickly as possible. if the goal for all the players involved is to have as m
. >> some parents at carroll county schools are upset about a plan to install hand scanners. their hand prints are connected to an account. parents can put money on the account. the district said it's about convenience. >> we were able to look at this new technology that allows a few scans to bring up a child's account versus a card or pin number. cards can get lost. pin numbers can get forgotten. >> rote now it's available in handful of schools and parents are concerned about privacy. right now less than 15% of parents opt out of the plan. >>> the howard county board of education is apologizing for having a seg gated school system 50 years ago. it was issued in a proclamation in a meeting last night. it said the school had failed to desegregate for nearly a decade after the case had ended separate but equal segregation if schools. >>> it seems like kind of a strange time for free toe lay to come out with a new version of cracker jacks, baked with caffeine. they're calling it cracker jacked. the high energy popcorn will only be marketed to adults. we want to know what you this. head to
is knocking in on the western part of the viewing area, frederick and rain moving in to carroll county, the more significant rain is coming in through walkersville, getting some showers also out toward union bridge, a little rain flying there. colder air coming in. the rain is ahead of the big blast of cooler air that will make its presence felt tomorrow. the warmest we'll see is tonight at 12:01. after that, temperatures will fall. 48 when you wake up with rain, ugly conditions, give yourself some extra time for the morning commute. we'll talk about how things change. >>> thank you, tonight a breaking newseum date. a baltimore police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> we are live with more on the story. >> reporter: baltimore city's new police commissioner held a news conference. he is only in office a week and is dealing with a serious allegation of misconduct. the officer worked out of the northwestern district. he has been identified as elliott simon, 39 years old, who has been with the department 13 years. he is facing possible criminal charges in
. >> that is why this is so very hard. a young man's dreams and goals ended last night on a road in carroll county. look at. tough to hear the sound. >> i never heard any breaks or anything. ?the neighborhood knew her husband knew right away. >> it sounded like the door was slamming. it sounded like someone missed of the curb and hit the work truck. >> he walked around and saw the car over there. >> over :there was michael mcverry, a senior at westminster high. he did not make it. he was a passenger in a car driven by 18-year-old nicolas gaetani. their car cost -- crossed the lane. the driver was treated and released of that car. the neighborhood and school remains in shock. >> when the impact happened, it shook my house. that was my uxéfirst intention, was, did someone hit the house? or was there an explosion? >> when one hurts in carroll county, all her to. >> all of the residence around here responded as fast as they could. but there was not much we could do for the young tough to go t knowing what happened here. tough to get rid of the crashing sound. even harder to bury a son and a
, carroll county, northern baltimore county, tonight going into tomorrow morning, so we expect temperatures to drop at or below the freezing mark. clear skies on the satellite, just a few high clouds drifting in, but it's out to the west we go, and this is going to have, steal the headlines. this is an area of low pressure that is starting to develop. weak area of low pressure now, but this will be sliding into the southern states eventually, scooping up a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico, and will turn into a nor'easter, tan could bring some snow to the state. in terms of hour by hour, it's chilly. 43 deo the 30s by midnight. waking up to a brisk and chilly start, with some sunshine, temperature around 34. rain, wind, and snow part of the 7-day forecast. >> michael, murder on our streets. the 600 block of north lakewood avenue 3:00 a.m., when police got a call and responded to a 30-year-old man shot in the back. he died at hopkins hospital. the detectives don't have much to go on right now. so they are relying on your help. call if you have any information, call homicide right now: >
carroll and many others that are doing fantastic work. our primary model has been to bilmes the logistics that provide tremendous access in the classrooms serving kids in need because that is a huge and then our founders found facebook 20 years ago. one of them was volunteering here in washington, d.c. and realized that these were local heroes supporting the kids that needed help the most in an environment of would work for hours a day and they were absolutely without resources, just a box of broken creon's if they were beyond the reach of programs like this at the time, and many were. so what we realized is we can certainly sold one part of this problem. we can build a pipeline to get resources to them. programs like the others are increasingly devoted to what type of content is on and is available to the program and how they use that in the classroom. we considered ourselves soldiers in the same war who taking on that challenge and planning beyond what we have reached so far so we can get a crack to be completely across the united states and beyond. >> do you work with public libraries?
north and west, this is a band of more moderate rain in parts of howard county, frederick, carroll, that's pulling off to the north and east. the rain has ended, and it is cold. out of the mountains of western west virginia and western maryland, down to the upper 20s. just near 30 degrees now. the areas in the light blue, closer to washington from the shenandoah valley, opinion handle of west virginia and east to the bay, generally low to mid-40s. a chilly wet morning and that rain brought down a lot of leaves overnight. it is slippery on the sidewalks and side streets and roads this morning. watch out for that. winds are going to be a bit blustery throughout the day. rain ending by 9:00. storm team 4 forecast showing a little sun by afternoon. back down near 40 by midnight. and then near 30 by this time tomorrow morning. and then during the day tomorrow, lighter winds, lots of sun, but chilly, highs only in the 40s to near 50. the chill remains on thursday, friday, saturday, remaining dry. on late sunday perhaps into monday, we might get chilly rain with highs around 50. i'll return in
million will be watching from home. jason carroll, he is out and about in manhattan's upper west side. and a beautiful morning. have you seen the balloons? >> reporter: it is glorious out here, brooke. can you believe this? it's clear, it's actually pretty cool, but, you know, we could have had it so much worse. looking really good out here at the parade route. i want you to take a look behind me, tom the turkey, see those blinking lights down there? that's where tom the turkey is in the position, getting ready to start off the macy's thanksgiving day parade, which should start at about 9:00 a.m. last night, of course, big tradition here in new york city, balloons being blown up. i think it's one of the only times you can hear the word "inflation" being used in a positive way, since these are the balloons being blown up. a few new additions this year. we've got papa smurf, we've got a brand-new hello kitty. those are going to be some of the super balances you see making their way down the city. also, what would macy's thanksgiving day parade be without all of these great people who sh
for a successful second term. jon meacham and robert carroll talk about their subjects, thomas jefferson, lyndon johnson, and a bit about barack obama as well. >>> then the conflict in gaza yet again reminds us forget about globalization and information revolution. if you want to understand the world, look at geography. nations are still bound by it, says robert kaplan, who uses maps to show us what to worry about. you won't want to miss this. >>> and the middle class is rising. no, not here in the united states, but right next door in latin america, and it will have huge consequences for the western hemisphere and the world. >>> also, if you thought black friday was crazy, check out the sales in europe. i'll explain. but first here's my take. >>> it's thanksgiving weekend, america. time to reflect on our good fortune. it's also a time that most americans think about the unusual origins of the united states, a land of immigrants. we see o ourselves as special in this way, and we are, except that we're not quite as exceptional as we think anymore. something fascinating has happened over the last
-222-3432. >>> a carroll county teenager has died after a two car crash in finksburg. a car driven by 18-year-old nicolas gaetani crossed the center lane into the incoming car and it killed 17-year-old michael mcverry, a soon your at westminster high school. >> did someone hit the house or an exmotion happening downstares in the base -- down stairs in the bisment. >> nick is in serious condition. levi malcolm has been released. >>> now baltimore county police arrested a man for a robbery but now they believe he's responsible for at least two sexual assaults. police said 19-year-old jordan ?ied are has been charged. detectives say he rob ladno car0 >>> the driver could still lose her job. she's been suspended without pay as the mta reviews the case internally. >> a chill in the air. look at the temperatures now dropping. 3345 in towson. 36 in wrest minister. 3 in rock hall. under a generally clear sky. falling temperatures overnight, below freezing by daybreak tomorrow. satellite radar perspective. we're in a clear patch but a little bet of mid-level, high level cloud cover coming in. no precipitation but
in the cafeteria causing worries for a few parents in carroll county. each student's palm is connected to an account. calf tear dwra staff say it's easier than using debit cards or cash. the district said the program is optional. >> we're tracking that data school by school. it has the -- the data we have runs between 5% and 15% of households. >> ten schools are using the technology right now. the district wants it at all 43 schools in the next 18 months. >>> it's the final weekend before thanksgiving. everybody's getting ready. lots to do. >> shopping, turkeys and worrying about the weather. what's it going to be like -- crazy, trying to get that turkey. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. did you buy that bird yet? >> i get to go to mom's house. i'll help out of course. when this comes to the bird, they're masters of this. clear skies, a few clouds blowing out to the east. so we're set for a clear cold night. look at the current temperatures across central maryland. 44 in baltimore. 44 in laurel. rock all 39. easton 39. chillier on the eastern shore. temperatures toppin
of education is saying. >> and palm scanning technology allows carroll county students to pay for their lunch. why the policy is now under review. >>> a teacher at broad neck high school has been relieved of her duties. not only was she a teach are but she -- teacher, but she coached. >> reporter: the board reassigned erin thorn while the
see a few light showers now around frederick county and also in carroll county. as we go throughout the day we should stay dry just like we did yesterday. not going to rule out a slight chance of a shower. just be prepared for that. also be prepared for some chilly temperatures this morning, and that will continue right into the afternoon once again and also breezy conditions, 45 degrees right now in nottingham, and we are looking at 43 degrees in elkton, the temperature in annapolis is at 43, and we are going to continue the ill as we go into lunchtime with that temperature coming in right around 52 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 time saver traffic. >>> good morning, unfortunately we are still dealing with storm damage. up in hartford county you want to be extra careful traveling in fall is to be where there's damage at friendship road and mayhem road at carsons run road and crescent ride at 543. if you are using 95 as we check in and take a look at 152, everytng moving right along. no delays as you travel towards white marsh. you'll notice the jfx going to be in great
. jason carroll takes us for our first look at the water's edge. and progress report on one of the big hard tunnels coming into the city. we'll be right back. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! >>> breaking news to report. late news the holland tunnel, one of the major arteries into and out of manhattan will reopen tomorrow morning. that's good progress. one of the two tubes opening back up for rush hour tomorrow. still for many, getting around tonight and tomorrow is going to remain a nightmare. take a look at this. these are pictures from outside the barkley center in brooklyn. those are thousands and thousands of people waiting for hours to get on buses into manhattan. this is what it looks like when new yorkers lose the subway system that we all rely on. the subway has been shut down since sunday night. limited subway service started today but very limited. nothing below 34th street
subway. the part that got submerged. jason carroll takes us for our first look at the water's edge. and progress report on one of the big hard tunnels coming into the city. we'll be right back. a v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked.
we are picking up on some light showers, rain showers, especially back towards the west, carroll county, frederick county getting in on that. further to the north and west you go running into a mixed bag of presip across that area. all in all we will stay dry today just like yesterday temperatures comi degrees in sykesville. we are chilly. some of you might think it's cold so we'll go chilly, cold for today. the chilly weather will continue into the afternoon, but west friendship is at 42 degrees. we're at 46 degrees in easton. also those winds picking up as we go throughout the day. we will continue to be in that cold flow with that northwesterly wind at 5 to 15 miles an hour. this is what you can expect through the day. mostly collide with a -- cloudy skies with a lunchtime temperature of 52. good morning. >>> good morning lynette, we are still dealing with power outages across the region. if you approach an intersection without a working traffic light, treat it as a four-way stop. you're taking a live look in howard county at interstate 70. no problems to report all the way ov
years to rebuild. >> jim does not give up easily. his neighbors fled when superstore and sandy carroll toward the coast of new jersey. he barricaded himself inside his seaside park home as the hurricane howled outside. >> all of a sudden, the wind picked up like crazy. the wind picked up. the water was here. i heard a loud noise, and the front of my house blown out. >> he was relatively lucky. hundreds of houses nearby were leveled or washed away. little remains of the boardwalk. when night falls, residents have to leave the area. police patrol the town, guarding against looters. three weeks on, some areas are still off-limits because of safety concerns. some people are only now being allowed to return to their properties. local police are overstretched, but like many people here, the police chief is upbeat about the area's prospects. >> the situation is improving every day. it is 100% better than it was the day before. if we continue to do that, the roadways will be made safe. sinkholes are being filled in, utilities are coming back. we are a resilient people. we look to rebuild. >> t
answers. >> reporter: carroll brooks immediately pulled her 5-year-old granddaughter out of st. francis month's incident involving this man, convicted sex offender america guries. brooks says she learned that he had been on campus more often than just the one time during the festival. >> we heard tonight that the whole area here has been rekeyed, so he obviously had keys to certain things. we might have had a key to one of the backrooms. so it's devastating, i'm very upset about it. i just joined the parish, which i am not going to come. i feel like there was nothing answered. it was just a bunch of finger-pointing. it took five hours for that person to be marched off the property. but it doesn't sound like it was from the help of the father who was protecting him and saying that we should have forgiveness in our hearts. >> reporter: other parents would only talk to me offcamera. they say the diocese will no longer release letters to volunteers, and parents plan to push state lawmakers to close a loophole in the state's registered sex offender law. >>> a deadly factory fire in banglades
of the time. >> my name is william carroll. i live in north olli beach. pretty much for 50 years. today is my first day allowed into the house. look at the angle of the house that we dropped. we probably dropped a good 2 feet. everything in here was floating. what do you take and what do you not? you want to take everything, but you cannot. you are limited on what you can leave with. >> start taking my pictures down. i will take some of them. all of this is going in a pile and you get to pick and choose what you want to keep and what you do not. >> today it has hit me a little bit. i feel it. i try not to show it, but i'm hurting inside. >> i will never be coming back here again. i will not have the stuff that i had. the memories are gone. a lot. >> my name is margaret. this is my vacation home. when we saw the devastation on television to all the new was that the beach was ground zero. we did not know if our house would be standing we open the door and realized we had about 3 feet of water in the house. >> you can see the water line. >> what i bought this house i wanted to flood insurance an
, picking up on moderate rain around carroll county, baltimore county and sliding towards the east, elkton, cecil, getting in on the action through the rest of the morning. then we will see a break in the action, that's what we like to see through time. manchester, outdoors, you are seeing cloud cover, and wet roadways this morning, bel air, more of the same there, clouds, and this will continue through the morning hours and we will see changes i would say around 2:00, 3:00, that's when conditions will begin to improve. we welcome at temperatures this morning and we are on the chilly side, 39 degrees in reisterstown, 41 glen burnie, bel air 40, ijamsville 40. 45 denton this morning. we have the winds, gusts up to about 28 glen burnie and 30 chesapeake beach. 29 bel air, it's making it feel colder this morning. that 32 bel air, that's what you need to dress for this morning, high pressure going to build in behind the cold front, much colder air, see the snow to the north, around the great lakes we won't get any snow, we will see plenty of sunshine in to tomorrow. that trend will continue in
on breast feeding. >>> when you think of the holiday music, you think of christmas carrolls. >> we are going to have a good time. >> catchy, uh? >> the song let youtube less than a week ago and already as more than 4 million hits. it was written by the man behind rebecca black's infamous "friday" song. some are calling it the worst song ever. 12-year-old nicole westbrook doesn't seem to mind. >> honestly, i don't care what the critics think. they can say whatever they want. >> good for you. nicole said this year she's entitled to it. >> the end of the twilight saga creeping up on us. >> it's ending. the final film, breaking dawn part two broke in l.a. george pennachio was there. >> reporter: the whole gang is back one more time for the breaking saga breaking dawn. >> we put everything into the movie, especially the last one. we paid tribute not only to this film but the entire franchise. the stars agreed the fans and some fans waited for days. >> i'm still in shock from the first one. just how sweet everybody is. >> i'm not going to watch president movie tonight so i can go back. i promised
truckk loads of items ae heading north thanks to some teenagers in carroll coonty, kathleen cairrs has mooe on this laaest explosion of generosity. -tracced and in- teet not avaalable. -tracked and in- text not aaailable.. 3 how are tte roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. reportt mapliberty40shawanmap395mapp- veterans... veterans... day... ii... this weekend, .../ but... some schools... pre making sure ...thhir students... know átodayá.../ , howw.. iiportant... ittii... tt honor those....who havv served. --star spanglld banner nats--- nats--- even the four ear olds at gerstell academy stand quieely at attention to ssow rrsppct or veterans day. at this finksburg priivte &pschool, leadership is always they get to see it first hann, not just in texx books. we asked the students what is the beet part about meeting veterans in person. abby funk 930 i want to hear veterann,,we think f ppl who have served... but to see nnw, i'd really like to ear - what its like from their perspective. the great grandfather
activity is now rolling through parts of carroll county, east and frederick county, about to get into western howard and montgomery. some strong wind gusts. 40-55 mph. burst of moist air and colder temps move in. look for that. about to reach the baltimore area in the next few minutes. and pressing eastward across the bay. some strong gusty winds. it will change the temperature dramatically. we were almost up to 70 degrees today at the airport. 11 degrees warmer than what is normal for this day. record high, 78 degrees. 1879. look at the high temperatures recorded today. up and down the eastern seaboard. 20's, upper midwest. those were highs today. big changes with gusty winds as the front moves through. we will get past the shower activity by midday tomorrow. in the cold air sums -- comes in. 34 at oakland where the wind shift has already occurred. rain will miss the snow in the mountains tonight. rain in the morning. all of sunshine for the last few hours in the afternoon to mark. skies will be very sunny and clear for wednesday. an inch or two possible and the garrett county.
to slow down, but as of this point we haven't seen anything yet. >> in carroll county, jeff hager. >> mcverry was a passenger in the car driven by 18 -- 18-year-old nicolas gaetani. police said there's no sign that alcohol or drugs played a role. >> a gunman knocked down the door of a home and shot. >> reporter: it happened at about 9:30 last night in the 2500 block of west lafayette street. baltimore city police said three people were shot at the scene. the two brothers later died at the hospital. the mother, wheel shot in the face -- while shot in the face survived. it's unclear who was the target of the shooting or if that person was even home at the time. police are looking for more than just one suspect but say they need your help to find them. >> approximately three to four suspects involves. again, like i said, we're exploring all motives. we're asking the public if anyone has information could give our homicide investigators a call. >> reporter: again, police are hoping someone saw a group of people running away from this scene last nit around 9:30. if you think you can help call
park. police set up two portable speed cameras near carroll avenue. there is one camera in both directions. police are targeted drivers for going 12 miles or more over the speed limit. officers say the goal is to reduce the chances of an accident in that area. you're going to get people who are saying it's a money maker that keeps that argument going. >>> 4:54 is our time right now. seeing things through his eyes. at 5:15, the dramatic dash cam videos athe cop watches a car hit him head on. >>> after 12 years, construction crews finally broke ground on cathedral commons in northwest d.c. the $100 million retail project sits on wisconsin avenue. that development has been delayed because of zoning fights and lawsuits. it will include a new giant store three times the size of the previous ones is scheduled to open in 2014. >>> the daily mail says many walmart employees are threatening their biggest walkout ever in stores across the country on black friday, including d.c. there's no word on exactly which stores will see walk-outs, but it's only expected to be a small percentage of s
and it will keep it warmer in comparison to carroll county out towards parts of westminster temperatures in the 30s. hour-by-hour forecast looks like this, a blend of stars and clouds through 8:00. 44degrees. 40 at midnight and a chilly wake up tomorrow morning. >> and we are going for two degree guarantee of 51. to the north, we indicate the high pressure bringing in nice pleasant weather and coming in off of the waters and bringing in the clouds and a bit of a breeze and down to the south we go and we find a storm system. it is out there and enough to bring in cloud coverage. you notice bands of clouds working up the coast and that will be the deal the next couple of days. here is the wet weather in the south carolina coastline, it will be south of the baltimore. and out to the midwest looking good and texas scattered showers and not really a weather pattern. in charlotte 54 degrees. we will eventually get a little bit milder for the next couple of days. temperatures in the 30s and look to the north and west. it will cool down. up towards tarny town 35 degrees. maryland's most accurate calls for
county, also howard county, carroll county, frederick, montgomery county, under that until 8:00 this morning dress appropriately for the temperature at 36 degrees, reisterstown, the winds will pick up throughout the day. be prepared as well. that 50 for a high is going to feel like in the 40s today. this morning, jessup 3. feeling like we are in the low 30s, this will continue in sykesville with the temperature coming in at 37 degrees now. the winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour. we are feeling it. as we look at the most powerful radar, not a lot to see, this is a good thing. a break for today. we will see change in the forecast as we go in to wednesday. this is what to expect, the temperature as we go in to 10:00, 46 degrees, by lunchtime, we will be at 48 degrees, the breezes will stick around as we go through time. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>> as you mentioned earlier, wear the thick jacket, it's going to be chilly, if you are heading out to 95, no problems getting down to dc or if you are traveling up towards 695, in howard county, int
all that. my husband stephen lewis carroll serve the navy as a seal and as a master chief. he began his service in vietnam ended three to worse. he went into the pows out and also served in the gulf wars. he is the embodiment of duty and honor that canadian steel than him. dinosaur facebook page facebook groundout for >> we're talking raiders and diners at a big fight in nascar. we'll start with the niners in candlestick park yesterday. taken on the rams and the outcome expected, a tie. alex smith made it has 38th straight start. he takes off down the field but its levels at the back of the house met and neck area by late john dunbar. it looks like he just hit him with his helmet but no penalty was called there. sustained in the game for a while and in the second quarter with a short pass to crabtree. he doesn't for the touchdown that was 47 g of fat point. smith complained of blurry vision and was diagnosed with a concussion. 7 yd touchdown run midway through the fourth, barely getting in and. there up 2421 when david acres tied the game of the 33 yd field goal. but 2 of overtime a
of management and budget. kevin carroll was chief of the office of management and budget energy staff, quote, i would prefer this announcement be postponed. this is the first loan guarantee and we should have a full review with all hands on deck to make sure we get it right. they didn't get it right and five hundred twenty-eight million taxpayer dollars were lost. it could be seen that the energy loan guarantees and a notoriously unsuccessful record. of the 33 energy loan guarantee projects made since 2009 i calculate that 30 or over 90% have shown signs of trouble. trouble ranging from miss production goals to bankruptcy filings. a report by the government reform and oversight committee says 27 of these 33 loans were judged to junk or bbb, a low investment-grade because of their low rating quality, low credit quality. we have an election two weeks from today and american voters have a clear choice. are they going to vote for greater government support for such assistance or are they going to let the private sector manage on its own? it is an indicator of the right way to go, all we have to do
. there is so much that goes into making it is just incredible. >> this is fried carol carrol fan--kale and hand made guacamole card we introduced it tableside to the world. >> and the avocado burn rate 1500 one of our new york coast through 2100 avocadoes ni a week and chorizo and wild mushroom tacos and pomegrantie moargarits. >> after stanford it took on the ucla holidays. next in the sports. >> i am giving away copies of this season's a video came before the x box 360. the need for speed the most wanted a limited edition is also available for the pc computers. android, and apple. this scheme is perfect for anyone who likes car racing and arcade style action. 'enter to win'. button the with the stanford cardinal beat the ucla bruins to a 35-17. the running back,tstepfan taylor ran 142 yards. that means that stanford will host the pact will championship next weekend. palo alto. and their opponent will be in the very ucla bruins. the winner of the game will go to play on the rose bowl. >> former boxer and world champion hector camacho camacho died today after being taken off life
of management and budget. kevin carroll, chief of the office of management and budget energy staff replied, i would prefer this announcement he postponed. this is the first loan guarantee and we should have a full review with all hands on deck to make sure we get it right, unquote. well, they didn't get it right in 528 million taxpayer dollars were lost. it can be seen that the energy loan guarantees have been notoriously unsuccessful record. at the 33 energy loan guarantee projects made since 2009, i calculate that over 90% have shown signs of trouble ranging from this production close to bankruptcy filings appeared a report for the government oversight committee said 70 of these fonts were judged as junk or the investment grade because of their low rating quality, low quality. we have an election two weeks from today in american voters have a clear choice that is going to vote for greater government support or are they going to let the private sector manage on its own? as an indicator, all we have to do is look at north dakota where it is 3% because of all the hater fracturing for oil and n
with a tag number dt9995. >>> and a deadly car accident in carroll county. it happened shortly before 10:00 last night on deer park road. police say one person was killed, a number of others were trapped. no word yet on what caused that accident. >>> well, they say it is all about saving lives and today there's another big push for a dollar increase for the state tobacco tax. faith leaders will join education and government officials on a rally on the law in front of the statehouse, that rally for the increased state tax on tobacco begins at 11:00 this morning. >>> a consumer alert for you this morning, toyota is now recalling more than 2 1/2 million cars worldwide because of a glitch in the steering shaft and a defective water pump. the models affected include the prius hybrid, the corolla and the wish. no accidents have been reported related to either problems. >>> we are following breaking news for you on this wednesday morning out of reisterstown. the crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire. they knocked it down hours ago. we'll have the latest on the condition of the woman who
. >> one person is dead after a late night accident in carroll county. it happened about 10:00 p.m. last night. the drivers were flown to shock trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. police are investigating a triple shooting in west baltimore on west lafayette avenue. three people were found suffering gunshot wounds. police will continue this search for two suspects wanted in a shooting and an attempted armed robbery. this happened in parkville. >> a bus driver is suspended as police tried to piece together surveillance video following a fight between the driver and a passenger. the incident involves a student riding the 40 line. the cell phone video does not show what triggered the fight. >> our operators are instructed to contact a supervisor. the operator has been removed from service pending the outcome of the investigation. >> similar incidents happened in cleveland and florida. a high-speed chase in howard county on tuesday. the stolen red car exited in scaggsville and smashed into another vehicle. police later caught him in a nearby neighborhood. charges are pending for the s
to the kid's pampaign at north carroll igh afttr... we... were hit sandy'...// we... had... a... noreaster deal with.../// but... ffnally... ittlooks ice. 3& a perfect fall day in charm city this friday and the better. let's go to better.- meteorologist emilyygracey for a look at what's happening now. now. 33 is this a state secrrt? how members of the navy seals coopromised naaional gamm. 33 3&plet's toppgiving all the profits to cartels and gangs twoostates are putting - pressure on washingtonnto make 3 it's... he startt.. of a... newwgoodd.../ rather rush....//votees... in... colorrdo and pashingtoo... have &pspoken --/ legalizing ... marijuana ...ffr... ecreational use. &p but, assed llvandera exppains the federal whole thhng through taxatiin or even wholesaae narcotics raa. raids. it's the kind of story that makes headline writers salivate... "i can only imagine what ay leno and comppny are going to be saying lots of jokess i'm sure there will be plenty of snack foods governor john hickenlooper c
for thousands of residents, and one carroll county organization has been sending lots of north since sandy hit. the church of the brethren has a long history of helping disaster victims. >> since just after world war two, the church of the brethren disaster ministries have been helping people all over the world, and now, they are helping people just up the road. since hurricane sandy hit new jersey, 10 tractor-trailer's have been loaded up here at the church of the brethren service center in new windsor and have been sent on their way. this morning, they were a boxing of supplies, getting ready to send even more. >> we send things all over the world, and this is nice because it is staying in the united states and helping people. it is nice to see that happening. >> they have sent all kinds of materials, from blankets to these kits. >> this is a school kid with some basic supplies for children. we have the baby kit, which provides some clothing, a sweater, diapers, things to use in an emergency, and then the hygiene kit, which is a towel and washcloth, for personal hygiene. >> over the years, t
within 15 minutes. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one person is dead after a crash in carroll county. a grand marquis' was traveling westbound just after 10:30 when it took a turn wide and struck a dodge neon on the other side of the road. alcohol and drugs are not believed to have played a part in that crash. >> a long lafayette avenue --it is not clear how the victims were injured. an incident last night. police learned after the victims walked into a hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. anyone with information should call baltimore city police. >> a man was shot during an attempted robbery in parkville. this happened on harford road. >> a high-speed chase in howard county comes to a dramatic end. the driver crashed the car and running into a scaggsville neighborhood. the suspect remains in custody this morning. a bus driver is suspended after a fight between her and a female student is caught on camera. the driver got up and confront a student she said was disrespectful. what a fight with the driver pushing the student to the back of the bus. mta officials said the drive
26 in carroll county aad as paul gessler reports deer hae made dangerous month on maryland roads... . . outside the 7711 in jarrettsville,jeannie mcmillan, delta, pa:"he's the deer slayer. he's notta deer hunter, but he's killed many a deer with vehicles, unfortunately."the mcmillanss reflect on 3 3 newssat ttn..- weekend bringgany changes?ight - changes? let's go to meteorologist emiiy gracey happening noww now. 3 "we have 20-thousann 3 "we have 20-ttousand , turkeys...durinn the ht of oor " season" coming in ten minutes... it was a wedding gift that keeps on giving.. pwhy these turkkys are different than any you can fiid in aagrocery store. 3 p"i really think ambbssador rice is being treated unfairly." buu republicans say she lied toothe whole couutry. president didn't tell the ms th truth either. 3 -3 aúó new... informationn.../ new... information .../ hat... preeident the deadly consulateeattack... n ibyaa& ../ close to ...the icials... investigatiin.../ disclosed.../ hat.../ to... our... media partner ...// the... "washington guardian" today.
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